Maloney & Fox

New York City

Creative Brief 

Maloney & Fox has gained quite a reputation in the PR field, with more than 60 national and international awards. Spear and Maloney & Fox have joined forces on numerous award winning projects over the years so when they announced it was time for a corporate “makeover” we couldn’t wait to make them scream out in the night! 
Agency Solution 
How, you may ask, did the iconic male and female bathroom signs became the starting point for the Maloney & Fox rebranding. 
The answer is simple. The dynamic duo behind M&F are a male Brian Maloney, and a female Margie Fox. 
Spear created over 20 versions of the M&F logo that appear on the office walls. 
Roll out included: 
- Logo 
- Brand Style Guide 
- Signage 
- Apparel
Results / ROI 
Maloney & Fox were both scooped up by Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide a global public relations agency! Say no more! 
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