Background / Creative Brief 

To shift wine distributors and consumers pre-misconception and phobia about boxed wines. To educate consumers and tell the Y+B story. Great quality certified organic wine made by artisans from around the world, packaged in eco-friendly cartons.
- Grapes harvested by hand
- Costs less to ship
- 93% wine, 7% packaging
- Smaller carbon footprint 
Agency Solution 
Spear implemented a complete re-brand including Y+B’s brand identity and packaging. 
Wine descriptors, tasting notes and “green” factoids wrap-around the eco-friendly Tetra Pak cartons. The type grows up vertically to create visual impact on the shelves. 
Roll out included: 
- Logo
- Packaging 
- Ad Campaign 
- Website 
- Press Kit 
- Promotional Apparel
Results / ROI 
Y+B wines has doubled it’s product line-up and greatly expanded it’s U.S. wholesale distribution. Y+B wines is receiving top praise from master sommeliers and national press coverage. Matthew Cain, Y+B founder, was recently named one of the top 50 entrepreneurs under the age of 40. 
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